Christmas card etiquette tips by Richie Dayo Johnson


1. Write the recipient’s name inside the card.

2. Be careful of an increasingly common faux pas of adding an apostrophe at the end of a family name e.g. – The Thompson’s or The Adedipe’s. The correct form is: The Thompsons or The Adedipes

3. Include a short personal note wishing them well. A simple sentence is better than nothing.

4. Even if your name is pre-printed in the card, sign your first name after your short message to personalise it.

5. Send cards out in time for the recipient to receive before Christmas and remember to include your return address on the envelope.

6. Only send holiday newsletters to close friends and family who would be interested in your family or personal details.

7. Try and send a card to everyone who sends you one.

8. E-mail greeting cards are not a substitute for an actual Christmas card but becoming commonly acceptable with modern technology.

Richie Dayo Johnson is an experiential specialist and consultant in communication and human behaviour. He works with aspiring leaders, high net-worth individuals and multinational organisations in Europe and Africa. He presently oscillates between the two continents depending on work and family commitments.

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